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NBI Bearings Europe

NBI is a  serving the market since 2002.

Key positions are covered by professionals with vast experience in the bearing industry.

Certified with ISO 9001:2015

The main features of NBI Bearings Europe to be highlighted are:

Commercial capacity:

  • Focused on supplying bearings for high technical requirement applications to OEM customers. A large list of leading OEM clients’ referrals backs NBI’s reputation.
  • Sales and customer service teams, formed by more than 25 people providing a personalized service, are located in
    Spain, China, Romania and Brazil.
  • Romania-based highly experienced application engineering team that provides the best pre-sales & after-sales technical assistance.
  • Distribution centers for on-time deliveries in Spain, China and India.

Technical expertise:

  • Own design and R&D teams in Spain that have supported the development of a new proprietary design software.
    Product portfolio that covers CRB, SRB, TRB, CRTB, SPB and CF. NBI is continuously adding new items to its Enhanced bearing line.
  • Manufacturing plants in Spain, China and India.
  • Fully equipped metrology, metallographic and other tests laboratories.

Financial position:

  • Solid financial health thanks to a robust cash position.
  • Publicly listed in the MAB (Spanish stock exchange market for small and medium sized companies) since 2015 with stable core shareholders.

Strategic alliances:

  • NBI maintains a strategic partnership with Cronos (Chinese bearing manufacturer), in which the two current majority shareholders and co-founders of NBI also own an equity stake.

Product range

CF bearings

CRB bearings

SPB bearings

SRB bearings

TCRB bearings

TRB bearings

Bearings division worldwide

NBI Group worldwide

Spain • Romania • India • China • Brazil • Mexico • Peru • Chile •Argentina • Colombia • Panama • Italy • Turkey • Germany


NBI headquartes, R&D, design, manufacturing plant, warehouse and sales office in Oquendo (Spain)


in Spain, Romania, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina,  Colombia, Panama, Italy, Turkey and Germany


Application engineering and sales office in Bucharest (Romania)


Manufacturing plant and warehouse in Ahmedabad and sales office in Kolkata (India)


Manufacturing plant of bearings steel cages & other auxiliary components in Rajkot (India)


Roller manufacturing plant in Zhejiang (China)


Manufacturing plant warehouse and sales office in Wujin (China)


Laboratories and SQA office in Wafangdian (China)

Application engieneering

Team members with over 60 years of accumulated experience in the bearing field fully committed to provide best-in-class engineering assistance to NBI´s customers, both OEMs and end-users from a large area of processing industries.

Bearing performance
improvement in
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Product design

enhanced+ nbi

ENHANCED+: new bearing line

NBI has developed a proprietary software, to design CRB, SRB and TRB series.

NBI combines experience in designing and producing bearings with the latest technology in material research and manufacturing technology to create a new bearing line with superior benefits:

  • Improved dynamic load capacity and consequently, longer operating time.
  • Reduced friction and lower operating temperature.
  • Downsizing possibility
  • Lower overall costs.
Cylindrical Roller Bearing (CRB)

Cylindrical Roller Bearing (CRB)

Spherical Roller Bearing (SRB)

Spherical Roller Bearing (SRB)

Taper Roller Bearing (TRB)

Taper Roller Bearing (TRB)

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing (CRTB)

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing (CRTB)

Spherical Plain Bearing (SPB)

Spherical Plain Bearing (SPB)

Cam Follower (CF)

Cam Follower (CF)

Material & Heat Treatment & Surfacing Coating

Quality of raw material is one of the most critical factors to ensure an enhanced bearing life.

NBI improves rolling contact fatigue life with:

  • Enhanced cleanliness. Inclusions size and quantity closely controlled by restricting the chemical composition. Narrower carbides threshold.
  • Selection of through hardening steel type according to the rings’ and rollers’ thickness and improved heat treatment to achieve a better microstructure and hardness uniformity on the functional section.
Aichelin heath treatment
Aichelin material

Multi-location manufacturing plants

Oquendo (Spain)

foto oquendo

Investment up to now of 10 million euros. 2.500 m² surface for manufacturing (total area 5.500 m²).

Equipped with the latest European technology, that allows to achieve high-precision bearings. All processes are performed by CNC controlled equipment.

Wujin (China)

NBI china plant

Investment up to now 18 million euros. 15.000 m² surface for manufacturing (total area 35.000 m²).

Equipped with the latest Chinese technology, that allows to achieve high-precision bearings. All processes are performed by CNC controlled equipment. 220 grinders and 40 turning machines available. 17 small, 5 medium and 2 large bearing grinding lines. Factory is equipped with an Aichelin heat treatment line. A turning workshop is also avalaible. Ability to design and manufacture its own grinders.

Ahmedabad (India)

india plant nbi

Investment up to now 3 million euros. 3.000 m² surface for manufacturing.

Equipped with the latest Indian technology, that allows to achieve high-precision bearings. All processes are performed by CNC controlled equipment.


In-house metallographic, metrology and other tests laboratories equipped with the latest technology.

Strategic partnership with some of the most advanced Spanish technological centers: CEIT and Tekniker BRTA.

These fully equipped laboratories are shared by the application engineering, design, R&D and manufacturing teams.

laboratorio nbi

Metrology laboratory

laboratorio nbi

Metallographic laboratory

Test de vida

Other tests laboratory

Personalized service to clients

NBI proposes a commercial relationship based on frame agreements. It is a win-win flexible contract based on annual demands and commitments.

NBI’s commitments:

  • Maintain a percentage of the agreed contract quantity as safety stock to satisfy unexpected demands.
  • Provide price stability during the period of the agreement.
  • Update every month information about orders evolution, delivery commitments and real consumes.
  • Better adaptation to future deliveries (based on an initial estimation and adjusted by real figures).

Client’s commitments:

  • Consume the quantities of the references to which the customer committed to in the period of the agreement.
  • Provide a visibility of the next 3 months’ confirmed deliveries.
  • Update every month’s estimations for the incoming 6 months to be able to react accordingly.
follow up personalizad service

Frame agreement follow-up report

template personalizad service

Frame agreement template

Multi-location distribution centers

  • Clear understanding that NBI is a consolidator of its clients’ stocks.
  • Warehouse in Europe (Spain), India (Ahmedabad) and China (Wujin) to better attend region to region demands.
    Shortly also in Brazil.
Oquendo Spain distribution nbi
Oquendo (Spain)
Ahmedabad India distribution nbi

Ahmedabad (India)

Wujin China distribution nbi

Wujin (China)

NBI’s clients and strategic industries

NBI’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of applications has positioned it as the optimum solution for many leading machinery manufacturers.
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos


  • Heavy lifting & material handling
  • Gearboxes & drives
  • Wind power
  • Railway
  • Oil & gas
  • Construction equipment
  • Compressors & pumps
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Axles & transmissions
  • Tube & wire
  • Mechanical presses
  • Hydraulics
  • Aggregate machinery
  • Paper machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Steel industry equipment


  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Aggregate & quarrying
  • Pulp & paper equipment
  • Energy
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos
sectores rodamientos

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Product design

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Material & Heat Treatment & Surfacing Coating




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