Industrias Metalúrgicas Galindo, S.L.

Company with over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing tools and serialised aircraft parts for the aerospace sector. Plant located in Munguía (Vizcaya) with a 2,500 m2 surface.

Certified with quality certificate:


ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)


EN 9100:2018 (PDF)






Large tools for manufacturing aircraft parts:

  • Assembling, handling and transport stands…
  • Tools for manufacturing processes (shaping, curing, edge finishing,vdrilling, assembling checks…).

Medium tools for manufacturing aircraft parts:

  • Tools for manufacturing processes (shaping, curing, edge finishing, drilling, assembling checks…).

Serialised part:

  • Machined part.
  • Sheet metal shaped part.


  • 2 bridge milling machines.
  • 3 machining centres with 5 shafts.
  • 3 machining centres with 3 shafts.
  • 6 horizontal CNC lathes.
  • Presses from 60 Tons and up to 400 tons; automatic and manual.
  • 1 Mobile column milling machine (new incorporation).
  • 2 Three-dimensional measuring-verification machines.
  • 1 laser Tracker.
  • Metrology laboratory: profile metre, roughness tester, roundness tester, three-dimensional.
  • Metallographic laboratory: spectometer, hardness tester, microscope, macroscope.
  • 300T hydraulic press with rubber bed.


  • Design (Catia V5, Unigraphics NX, VERICUT).
  • Processes for joints:
      • Welding of structures.
      • Heat treatments: hardening and tempering, induction hardening.
      • NDT inspection: magnetic particles.
      • Sheet metal shaping processes: stamping, bending, curving, elasto-shaping.
      • Mechanical transformation processes: lathing, 3-5 shaft milling, grinding…
      • Mechanical assembling: installation and dimensional adjustment of assemblies and structures with laser Tracker.
      • Surface treatments: paint, powder coating, chrome plating, passivate coating, zinc plating, galvanising.
  • Inspection and testing processes:
        • CMM inspection, laser Tracker and conventional.
        • Micro-percussion marking, laser marking.
        • Vacuum and functional tests.
  • Installation of projects at the client’s plant.


Polígono industrial Belako.
Makoaga Bidea, nº 5 Parc. 9B Pab. G7. 48100. Mungia (Bizkaia) – Spain

Thelephone: (+34) 94 471 04 34