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New Director of Operations joins the NBI Group industrial division

New Director of Operations joins the NBI Group industrial division

The NBI Group which is in continuous expansion and evolution incorporates in its industrial division Asier Ayo Cenigaonaindia a Director of Operations.

The continuous development process in which NBI has been immersed in recent years as well as the expectations of growth, both organic and inorganic that the Group will face, have highlighted the need to incorporate a person with vast experience in the operations area in the divisions of: metal transformation, machining and aluminium smelting.

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The Grupo NBI is a group of companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of precision bearings and high added value technical products, mainly aimed at industrial sectors, competing side to side with the leading manufacturers from Europe, Asia and the USA.
We count on a group of experienced engineers who strive for excellence in the design and production of high-quality bearings, both tailor-made to fit specific needs and standard market designs.

The Grupo NBI has 8 production plants both in Europe and Asia, dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality bearings and various supplies for the industry, such as stamping, fine boiler-making, precision machining, bar turning and aluminium injection and machining.



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