Quality and
the enviroment


Our philosophy of continuous improvement, prevention, training, systematic review and search for operational excellence is based on the consolidation of our quality system.

We are firmly convinced of the need to apply a very demanding quality policy in order to comply with the reliability, deadline and personalized service specifications demanded by our clients, shareholders, funders and suppliers.

Our only goal is to satisfy each and every one of them.

Quality policy

We listen to our clients.

The NBI group is a solid group of companies specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing precision bearings and high value added technical products that are primarily intended for the industrial sectors. Our primary objective is to listen, understand and satisfy the needs of our clients and grow with them.

To accomplish this all areas of the organisation are committed to achieving the strategic goals and operational excellence which leads us to apply severe and strict levels of requirements and quality standards.

Requirement levels and quality standards we apply since phase one of the product, from the design with its complex and advanced calculations, to excellent service in terms of on time delivery to the client and tailored service without forgetting our comprehensive and advanced controls of the process, while we strictly comply with all official requirements and current legal regulations.

This operational excellence with a high level of innovation and focussed on efficiency of the processes, accomplishes more with less and is supported by a continuous training of our personnel since they, in a large measure, determine the final quality of the product and service.

We all understand the importance of quality in our work in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and therefore the company’s success. Therefore, we are all fully committed and passionate about continuously improving the processes and the quality management system, transforming it into a practical, easy and efficient system, assuming responsibility over the decisions we make.

The enviroment

NBI is firmly committed to protecting the environment and fighting climate change. Proof of this is that each process that is carried out by the group is compliant with ISO Standard 14001; a set of environmental management specifications and directives that guides us:

Carry out an optimum management of waste.

Ensure that a better use is made of the resources and cause minimal impact to our surrounding environment.

We accomplish this thanks to the collaboration of each one of our employees and associates, who are committed to saving the planet.