AIDA Ingeniería, S.L.

Founded in 2003, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing components and metalworking assemblies. Highly qualified engineering department.

Plant located in Artea (Vizcaya) with a surface larger than 2,500 m²


Industrial Area


    • Electrical rooms and engine rooms for port container cranes.
    • Filters for wire and electrical discharge cutting machines.
    • Transformer and power stations.
    • Electrical cabinets.
    • Chains for different machines: wire braiding machines, lathes, etc.
    • Pressurised cylinders.
    • Guards, collection trays and conveyor belt loading guides.
    • Drive assembly beds.
    • Material handling machines: Trippers, Stackers…
    • Moulds for manufacturing tools for the aeronautical sector.

Calculation engineering, mechanical – structural design and development:

    • Maintenance projects, conveyor belts, reclaimers, stackers…
    • Structural projects of the different applications at industrial plants.
    • Different equipment from combined cycle industrial plants.

Architectural Area and Furniture

    • Classified design and manufacturing projects of full enclosures for underground bus stations and hospitals, health centres and schools.
    • Classified and certified metal modular wall cabinet system.
    • Metal enclosures classified as fire proof: Blind and Glass.
    • Forster metal work (façades, interior and curtain wall).

Processes and machinery

  • Cut.
  • CNC punching and CNC bending.
  • Certified robot welding.
  • Certified manual welding.
  • Application of Polymerization paint (dust) and liquid paint.
  • Assembling centres, alignment of drives, pressure test and leak test.
  • Handling equipment: 1 bridge crane (10 ton), 2 bridge cranes (5 ton) and forklifts (2.5 ton).


Bildosako industrialdea. Pabellones F6 y F7. 48142. Artea (Bizkaia) – Spain

Phone: (+34) 94 406 93 98 / (+34) 94 406 99 16  – Fax: (+34) 94 608 41 66