The NBI Group which is in continuous expansion and evolution incorporates in its industrial division Asier Ayo Cenigaonaindia a Director of Operations.

The continuous development process in which NBI has been immersed in recent years as well as the expectations of growth, both organic and inorganic that the Group will face, have highlighted the need to incorporate a person with vast experience in the operations area in the divisions of: metal transformation, machining and aluminium smelting.

The key objectives to be covered by Asier Ayo are: to support the CEO to develop the strategic plan and execute its lines of action, ensure the operational development of the activity in each of the Group’s industrial plants, manage internal resources and integrate all the Processes.

The figure of Asier Ayo as Director of Operations in the industrial division will add value to the Group, optimizing and ordering processes with the sole purpose of meeting the objectives set in the current strategic plan at all times.His more than 20 years of experience in management positions in various sectors of the industry, being the automotive sector the most representative of his professional career,