NBI industrial Oradea (former Turnatorie Iberica) was acquired by the NBI Group in November 2020 and since then there was a continuous evolution and investment in the company.

During the first half of 2021, an evaluation and diagnosis was carried out. This led to the launch of an ambitious transformation and modernization plan, with the aim of becoming a customer-oriented company and doubling the installed capacity:

  • Objective to reach an OEE 70% (current 58%) 
  • Upgrading and retrofittng of almost all existing facilities
  • New building (2,800 m2) to separate the casting area from the machining area
  • Increase the number of injection cells to 22, we currently have 13. New melting furnace.
  • Reinforcement of the management and technical teams with the incorporation of 6 new people from Romania and another 6 ifrom Spain, adding to the knowledge of the historical team.
  • Master planning and customer service relocated to Oradea
  • Cooperation with a specialized Spanish R&D center to update the technology.

Additionally, during 2022, we will acquire new lathes and machining centers with greater precision and versatility, aimed at specific customers. Likewise, we will double the area dedicated to machining with a newly built pavilion of 3,000 m2 and we will look for new land for the expansion of business to other technologies. During 2023, we are planning a painting line, a washing line and a plastic injection line.

All this will make NBI industrial Oradea become an Industrial Hub in the next 3 years.

This is a firm and determined commitment to the expansion of the aluminum injection and machining plant owned by the NBI Group in Romania.