NBI acquired 51% of FKL India Private Ltd at end of February. With a production plant located in Ahmedabad and headquarters based in Kolkata, FKL focuses on manufacturing and supplying SRB and TRB bearings up to a diameter of 250 mm. The company, after all bureaucratic formalities are completed, will be renamed NBI India Ltd.

Apart from this initial investment, Indian shareholders and NBI agreed on a nine-million-euro investment plan for the next four years

This plan has the following goals:

  • Extend the area dedicated to production.
  • Increase the volumen of the bearings output on the already existing range (reinforcing the bottle neck capacity).
  • Widen the existing range of diameter sizes and bearing types.
  • Incorporate in-house heat treatment by 2021.

The main contributions of the Indian partners are:

  • 40 years’ successful experience in commercializing bearings inside India and adjacent territories.
  • A strong distribution group with a very healthy financial situation.

This new investment reinforces NBI as one the premium bearing brands. It has been serving the industrial market since 2002.