NBI’s design capacity has received positive feedback from the market regarding the Enhanced + SRB bearing line and the publication of the new catalogue will reinforce the production of these bearings in the plant that NBI Bearings Europe owns in Oquendo (Spain).

The joint work of the engineering application and design departments of NBI have made this catalogue a tool for the selection of bearings, as well as a guide reference to deepen the knowledge of the characteristics of SRBs.

The catalogue is structured by a first engineering part where the characteristics of spherical bearings are explained, followed by recommendations concerning adjustment and installation details, added up to examples of their industrial applications (screens for mineral processing, paper industry or concrete mixer truck reducers, among others.).

The second part includes the dimensions, load capacities, reference speeds, weights and installation dimensions of the different references.

It is worth noting as a novelty the incorporation of the designations of the mounting and dismounting sleeves, their main dimensions and their relationship with the bearing references.

In summary, a fast-handling catalogue to facilitate the choice of bearings which suit the needs of each of our customers.

You can request a printed version of the catalogue from NBI or in PDF format from our customer service department: customerservice@gruponbi.com