The evolution of the bearings by NBI Bearings Europe responds to an increasing knowledge of the market and especially of the needs of the industry, focusing on improving the efficiency of the product. NBI carries out detailed studies, depending on the application of its bearings, allowing them to achieve a greater performance and therefore a longer service life.


NBI Bearings Europe, a company with more than 20 years of experience, designs, develops, produces and markets bearings throughout the world. It strategically invests in R&D, complementing the company’s existing capabilities and, at the same time, reflecting the needs and market opportunities in the real world.


Maintaining the same manufacturing parameters of its ENHANCED+ line, with superior benefits that improve dynamic load capacity and, consequently, increase service life, reduce friction and operating temperature and also allow for downsizing and therefore save on costs, NBI has reached its most recent achievement: the creation of the premium SRB ENHACED+ line.


High quality bearings

This series achieves high quality spherical roller bearings designed to perform in today’s increasingly demanding industrial environment, thanks to its improved design.


Efficiency and high precision

The main benefits obtained in NBI’s SRB ENHANCED+ bearings are based on the use of first quality steel and an optimized heat treatment.

Internal manufacturing tolerances are tighter and surface finishes have also been improved.


The internal design has been optimized, increasing resistance, maximizing capacity and optimizing osculation ratios that minimize wear and improve performance for high loads. Also, NBI uses different types of brass or steel cages, guided on rollers, inner ring or outer ring, in order to meet the conditions of different applications. The sum of all these improvements allows the bearings to obtain high precision and better efficiency.


Experience in design and production with the most advanced European technology

NBI has plants in Spain, India and China but the vast majority of these spherical bearings are manufactured in the group’s plant located in Oquendo (Álava – Spain), with 5,500 m2, of which 2,000 m2 are allocated to the CNC production equipment of latest technology. Here, NBI also has 3 laboratories: metallographic, metrological and other life tests, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and our own software. All the precision manufacturing and inspection processes of the bearings are carried out in these facilities, with a current capacity for bearings up to a size of 400mm outer diameter. And it is planned in the future to expand this size to up to 1meter outer diameter.


NBI is focused on small-medium production batches with high technical requirements that meet the strictest quality standards, where experience in design and production of bearings is combined with the most advanced technology in materials research and manufacturing technologies.


The bearing division of the NBI group, together with the industrial division, are continuously committed to designing and developing products in accordance with the evolution and sustainability of new markets.