Within the internal NBI homologation process, the spherical roller bearings (SRB) manufactured in the new plant in Oquendo (Álava – Spain) have been subjected to severe continuous operation tests for more than 9 months.

During this time, the bearings have worked at 1.500 rpm supporting large load forces, while the different variables that demonstrate the correct performance of the parts were monitored and captured on a computer. Among these are: operating temperature, level of vibrations and torque of the test equipment.

The results have confirmed the expectations of NBI’s engineering, manufacturing and quality teams, as the bearings have by far exceeded their calculated theoretical life.

These product validation tests complement the strict quality controls established in each of the production phases of the bearings, from design and approval of raw materials, to the manufacture of the bearing and its final controls.

With this process of rigorous tests performed on the first series of manufactured bearings, the internal approval of the new NBI manufacturing plant in Oquendo (Álava – Spain) is completed.

One more step to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.