More than 25, fourth year engineering students from the UPV / EHU of Bilbao together with the teachers came yesterday to the head office of the NBI group.

After a guided tour to the manufacturing plant and to the materials, dimensional and life test laboratories; the students learned first-hand how the different bearings of the Enhanced+ line developed by NBI are designed and manufactured.
Afterwards, the students were given a theoretical class on bearings by the Romanian applications engineering team, complementing the one already given at the university.
With this type of activities, NB wants to bring young talents closer to the real working world, showing how the industrialization of our products is carried out.

Thanks to all attendees for their attention, for demonstrating the extensive knowledge acquired and above all for their participation throughout the day.
We would also like to thank the teachers for their close collaboration.

From NBI we value this event very positively and we are already thinking about organising a second one next year.